About Me

What do we have in common?

One morning, some years ago, I woke up staring at the ceiling, feeling hopeless with the reality of the day. Feeling suffocated like I was inhaling sand. Rolling over to escape was no longer an option. My life needed to change. On the outside, my bright smile and cheerful disposition hung like a tarp covering what I didn’t want anyone to see. But, as we all know, there is never enough fabric to hide the pain from ourselves.

Years of faith, women’s ministry, training and a decade after saying “yes” to coaching, I passionately and confidently help others light their path. I draw from my personal journey as a base of experience. With me, there is no judgement. Here you’ll find strength and direction.

As your Certified Life Coach, I'll partner with you to:

Recover — Your authentic self

Realize — Your gifts and talents

Rebuild — Your best life

Rejoice — In the world you are creating

In addition to my training, my coaching skills and faith are continuously strengthened as I lend my professional skills to coordinate and lead women’s retreats and workshops. I am also lovingly supported (and challenged) by my husband and our two young adult children.