Pathway to Purpose

As your certified life coach I'll partner with you as you explore and identify your purpose though my 4-step Defining You program

  • Your authentic self

  • Your gifts and talents

  • Your best life

  • In the world you are creating

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  • – Amy F

    “I was feeling stuck. I knew what to do for my mental and physical health, but was having trouble following through. Malea helps me get to the heart of why I avoid caring for myself and motivates me to move forward. We talk about goals, makes me set achievable timeframes, and checks in to make sure I follow through. Her insight helped me figure out some big things with my family and we are all moving forward stronger and with good support. Her questions helped me figure out what direction I want to go for further professional growth. Much thanks for helping me move toward my better self, Malea!”

  • – Candice J

    "This was a wonderful experience for my Daughters and I! Inspiring, thought provoking, and insightful workshop. Malea is intuitive and caring! Everyone should do this!!"

  • -Tina P

    “Life changing! Literally! Through Malea’s skillful coaching and gentle direction, I have made significant progress towards goals and dreams that had been stale for years. Working with Malea, she was skillful in helping me identify my gift sets, passions and tendencies. From this new higher perspective, I was able to bring forth dreams and goals- that had either dried up, or in some cases, new ones all together- from a passive and dormant position to an active and engaging position! This made all the difference in releasing the log-jam of my mind and gaining momentum! I know the journey continues- which is equally just as exciting! But I am also enjoying taking a well-deserved and thrilling Victory Lap hand-in-hand with my coach, Malea!”

  • -Janice B

    'My daughter, Ella, and I completed Malea's "Defining You" 5 week program recently and had such an amazing experience! Malea guided us through discovering our strengths, defining our values, and setting goals. We each created a vision board and got to talk about ways in which we could achieve our goals. Malea did a great job in making my daughter feel comfortable and safe. We joked and laughed and learned so much about ourselves and each other. My daughter, who was initially unsure about doing the program, said that she really enjoyed it and that it helped her learn more about me and herself. She said she left feeling more connected to her emotions and the similarities that she and I share as mother and daughter. It was truly a wonderful, very needed experience for both of us and I can't give it enough praise! If you have a teenage daughter, this program is a must do! ❤”

  • -Vanessa M

    “Malea builds you up in your strengths. She also has an ability to guide you through processing feelings and thoughts. She doesn’t just give solutions or answers. I loved that. She challenges without being condescending and she listens with love. Thank you Malea!! 💕”

  • – Yaz M

    “Malea I have known her for some time now. She is such an awesome person to be around with. She inspired me to try to complete my dreams. In every time I'm around her she gives me a positive vibe and encouraging. She loves to bring people around from different backgrounds so that other people can get to know one another and learn from each other. She helped me and other people to be positive comes up with many different ideas to tackle our dreams such us team building. Creating my vision broad coming up with picture collage on what I want to do within the next five years. In which I had such an amazing time. I highly recommend considering her as a life coach”

  • – Michelle P

    “Malea is amazing. She helped me focus on goals and making them achievable. She’s great with checking in and meeting up. What a blessing!!! Thank you Miss Malea”

  • – Maria S

    “Malea helped me organize and define the things that I’m most passionate about. She also introduced me to people working in fields of interest to me (i.e. doctors). Having casual conversations with those people was really informative and helped me better make decisions for my future and career path. Overall, I had a very positive experience with Malea and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and direction. She is very kind and understanding!”

  • – Danielle P

    “Having Malea as my life coach has been amazing. So glad I took the plunge. She is super sweet and kind. Very thoughtful and has helped me a lot. I will continue to work with her. I feel like she really helped me figure out my next steps in my life and business.”